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VoIP… Voice Over Internet Protocol

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voip phones

I continue to be impressed by our VoIP phones.

We use Spectrum VoIP and are also resellers because I think their service and support is amazing. If you are even thinking about moving to VoIP or would like to leave your current VoIP provider, please reach out because we’d love to get you into the Spectrum VoIP family.

From the first email to after install, to whenever you need support, Spectrum VoIP will get it done.  I have worked with a dozen or so folks over at Spectrum VoIP and continue to be amazed by their willingness to help and to go the extra mile when it comes to taking care of their clients. The phones are great, and can even be taken home if you need a couple of days away from the office.  

You can also install the Spectrum VoIP APP on your mobile phone and then make/receive calls from there just like it was your office phone. Did I mention soft phone? They even have a program that you can install on your computer so you can make calls from there!

So, if you have any questions about VoIP or are interested in seeing what Spectrum VoIP has to offer, give us a call or email as we would be happy to show you what they can do for you.

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