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Basic computer cleaning and maintenance – Laptops

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basic cleaning

There are a few basic cleaning recommendations for computer systems.

For laptops the main items will be the screen, keyboard, and air vent. For cleaning your screen a basic surface cleaner or diluted isopropyl alcohol and water mix will be fine. You should never spray your screen directly but apply to a microfiber cloth first then wipe down your screen.

Your keyboard can be cleaned the same way but be sure no liquid drips into your keyboard. Laptop chicklet keys are closer to connectors and easily damaged with liquid. As far as cleaning out debris that might fall into the keyboard using a can of compressed air to blow under the keys is recommended. Using a brush to get under keys can be done but should be done carefully as pressure under the keys might break plastics holding the key to the mount.

Most laptops will have a cooling fan and heatsink that can have dust buildup. They should be cleaned out once a year and this can be done with a can of compressed air. Blowing into the exhaust grate should work fine and you can find it on the side or possibly back of the laptop.

Keeping your system clean will help ensure the reliability and life of the system for years of use.

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