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Network & System Monitoring 24/7/365

For a minimal cost we will be able to monitor your entire network including:


Discover and record all systems, servers, and devices on network
Gather all technical data about each device
Track all software on each device to ensure compliance
All information is stored on the local network to ensure security

Network Monitoring

Setup & monitor alerts from Windows on all systems
Threat detection & malware protection
Track bandwidth usage of each device, router, and server
Automatically identify low risk space for all systems

Server Monitoring

Monitor active directory users & computers
Monitor Exchange server and Outlook
Monitor SQL servers and furnish reports
Monitor backup status on all servers

Troubleshooting Network

Identify performance-related issues
Use remote tools to correct issues

Connecting to the Network

Install FCN device on network
Configure device to allow remote access from FCN

With Frankenstein Computer's full-time monitoring, you'll never need to worry about the state of your computers or your network.

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