Frankenstein is proud to announce that we are beginning the development of our Network Security services and will be providing professional security services for businesses around the country. These services are specifically geared towards preventing intrusions from hackers and security threats which are growing daily. With ransomware and hacking on the rise, it’s important to make sure your company is as protected as it can be!


Currently we will be providing a small handful of services, with an expanding list of services coming soon in the future. These services are as follows:


* Internal Vulnerability Scanning

* External Vulnerability Scanning

* HIPPA Compliance Scanning

* PCI Compliance Scanning


We encourage all of our businesses to consider these services as this is the first step to awareness and prevention! These scans will allow you to see and understand what security threats exist and, with proper remediation, can prevent many intrusion attacks.


Our Security professionals are on standby to provide these professional services and, as part of our services, we will also use these reports to shore up your defenses by reconfiguring your devices for maximum protection, and assisting in applying policies and changes to the internal network.


The additional services which will be provided in the future are as follows:


* External Penetration Testing (AKA Pen Tests)

* Social Media Vulnerability Testing

* On-Site Security Practices Training

* And Much More!


If you ever need assistance with protecting your network then look no further than Frankenstein Security Services!