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TeamViewer Sucks…IMHO

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We have been using TeamViewer for all of our remote support needs for many years.

Although their software “improvements” have continued to limit our techs while they are trying to help customers, and they cost WAY TOO MUCH, we have stayed with them. OH, and their prices continue to go up every year…

Anyway, we decided we had had enough so we moved to a different vendor for our Remote Support and monitoring software, N-Able. N-Able has been wonderful to work with and their pricing is much better than TeamViewer. So, when we called TeamViewer to cancel of service, they stated some rule that was buried in their 23-page EULA, stated that if we did not give them a 28 day notice from the end of our subscription, that we would have to PAY FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

We were never under a contract. They have sent us an invoice every year previously and then we sent in a check. We never signed a contract but yet, even though I STRONGLY DISAPPROVED of them charging my card, they did it anyway. They charged me for a full year in one pop. So TeamViewer SUCKS – Use N-Able instead!!

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