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Here We Go Again – Another Ransomware Attack

In what is becoming more and more common these days, organizations across Eastern Europe are reporting that they have fallen victim to a new rasomware attack being dubbed “Bad Rabbit”. While at the moment, Bad Rabbit is not nearly as wide-spread as previous attacks like WannaCry or Petya, it still poses a potential threat.

Bad Rabbit is a new strain of the popular Petya ransomware, but it is not subtle: those unfortunate enough to fall victim to the attack quickly realized what had happened when they were presented with a ransom note telling them their files are “no longer accessible” and “no one will be able to recover them without our decryption service”.

At this stage, it’s unknown if it’s possible to decrypt files locked by Bad Rabbit without giving in and paying the ransom. However, as is the case with all ransomware, those who fall victim shouldn’t pay the fee, as it will only encourage the growth of ransomware. A number of security vendors say their products protect against Bad Rabbit, but for those who want to be sure they don’t potentially fall victim to the attack, consulting with an IT professional is the best choice.

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