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Avoiding Laptop Abuse

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If you are like most other computer users in this day and age then you most likely have a laptop that you take just about everywhere with you whether it be for work or school purposes, gaming, or even just staying in touch with current news while you are traveling. Avoiding laptop abuse should be a top priority.

It is more common than not to see users with their laptops on the bus, on an airplane, at coffee shops, and restaurants. It is such an outstanding and convenient luxury that we are able to take our devices with us and use them as needed in different locations away from home however, it is very important to keep in mind that you still need to be aware of your surroundings and what you need to look out for when keeping your system safe and away from physical harm.

Physical damages in a computer can be either external or internal. Here are some examples of damages that can take place just to name a few. Broken or cracked LCD screens, impact or pressure damages, liquid or food spills, broken or fractured hinges, broken keyboard and touchpad, and possibly something as simple as a power button that becomes stuck.

Avoiding Laptop Abuse

Now that we have covered some of the damages that can take place with your laptop, lets take a look at some ways of avoiding laptop abuse.

  1. Keeping food, beverages, and liquids in general away from your system is very important and if you are in a position where you must have a liquid close by it is recommended to use a cup that has a lid on it.
  2. Make sure you are using your computer with clean hands. A simple hand wash with soap and dry with a towel can help more than you think when it comes to keeping your trackpad, external mouse, keyboard, and screen nice and clean and functional as dirty hands can cause keys to become stuck and produce smears on your LCD screen.
  3. Another way to protect your LCD screen is making sure your keyboard is clean before closing the lid as this can ensure that if there are any particles left over on the keyboard, they can in fact scratch the screen itself.
  4. Another tip would be to keep from using your PC in a room where your pets often are in your home. A cat or dog can jump on your system which could end up causing a cracked screen or even a broken keyboard and also, pet hair and dander can in fact find its way into your system through open ports and vents and can cause several problems internally.
  5. Try not to expose your system to any rapid temperature changes such as leaving it in a hot vehicle and then moving it into a cold environment as this can over work the CPU cooler and cause hardware to fail. In fact, it is best to never leave your PC in your vehicle to begin with due to the above reasons.
  6. If you are moving or taking a trip and are not carrying your laptop on your person, it is very important to not stack heavy materials on top of the system due to the fact that when you go to open it at your destination you could now be looking at several damage components both interior and exterior.
  7. Last but not least, try avoiding using your laptop on your bed or couch without a sturdy flat surface to support it underneath the device. The reason being that using your laptop on a flat surface is the best way to keep the cooling fan unblocked and safe from dust and debris.

If avoiding laptop abuse piques your interest or if you have any questions in regards to any of the tips to help keep your laptop safe and functioning please do not hesitate to contact us here at Frankenstein Computers and Networking and as always we will assist you to the best of our abilities.

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