It’s not all about the money…

As a small business owner, making rent, payroll, and credit card payments on time is always a top priority, but is it worth gouging your clients to get it done? I think not … Is it possible to give great service at a fair price these days with all of the franchise taxes, toll fees, […]

Should Your 10-Year-Old Have a Smartphone?

First, a caveat: we know this issue of giving youngsters smartphones is a very personal decision, something each family must decide on its own. We also know that we potentially could be opening the proverbial can of worms here (but we’ve read that controversy is good for blogs, so here we go….) There are pretty […]

Tablet or Large Smartphone?

Remember the mid-2000s, when we thought the Blackberry was the be all! Such a big screen!! Now, it looks sooo tiny. Remember when the teeny screen of a Blackberry was all the rage? And then the teeny (well, it seems teeny today) iPhone first came out and we all gasped at the screen’s size (the […]

Keyboard shortcuts that everyone should know

With the invention of the modern computer mouse, many users may have forgotten the keyboard shortcuts that are comparable to options in the right click menu.  Here are a few keyboard shortcuts that everyone should know for Windows, to hone their keyboard ninja skills. Because, let’s face it … it’s not always practical to use a […]

Introducing Windows 10

On October 1, Microsoft announced the name of its’ next operating system, Windows 10. Windows 10 will be a combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8. It is designed to “run on the broadest types of devices.” The Metro, or “start” screen, will have the look of the traditional Windows start screen and the tiles […]