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Keyboard shortcuts that everyone should know

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keyboard shortcuts that everyone should know

With the invention of the modern computer mouse, many users may have forgotten the keyboard shortcuts that are comparable to options in the right click menu.  Here are a few keyboard shortcuts that everyone should know for Windows, to hone their keyboard ninja skills. Because, let’s face it … it’s not always practical to use a mouse when you’re on the road with a laptop.

1)   Accidentally highlight and delete some important text in a document and don’t want to retype it?

Just use Ctrl+Z to undo your last action

2)   Get a little too crazy with the undo skills you learned?

Click Ctrl+Y to redo an action 

3)   Looking for those elusive words and phrases in text documents and webpages?

Use Ctrl+F to bring up the search utility

4)   Want to switch between web browser tabs quickly and easily?

Toggle Ctrl+1, 2, 3, …..9

 5)   Did you cause a browser tab to close accidentally?

Try Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen your last closed tab

And, if you absolutely must have the options on your right click menu, you can use your keyboard ninja skills for that, too.  On the bottom row of the right hand side of your keyboard, between the “Windows” key and Ctrl, is a key that performs the exact same function as the right click on a mouse!

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