Power Supply Problem

It happens to all of us… one day you turn on your computer and NOTHING! It just won’t turn on. More than likely it is the power supply. The power supply is the part of your computer that takes the power from your wall outlet and makes it usable for the components in your computer. […]

Kindle Fire

Amazon dropped a big bomb on the technology industry Wednesday morning. While numerous companies from HP to Motorola to Samsung have tried to compete with Apple’s iPad with little to no success there may finally be a competitor. While there are numerous differences that set the Fire apart from the other Tablets on the market […]

Virus Repair Austin

When it comes to virus removal in Austin or virus repair in Austin we think that Frankenstein Computers is one of the best in town. We have a barrage of tools that we can use to defeat the viruses without having to wipe your drive. We might have to spend a little extra time on […]

Computer Repair Austin

There a dozens of small computer repair companies in and around Austin, Texas. We consider Frankenstein to be one of the best. We always try to turn around computers in 24 hours because we know that your computer is very important to you. We never surprise our happy customers with a big invoice because we […]

With all of the Texas wildfires…

With all of the wildfires in central Texas, I thought it might be a good idea to suggest that with all of the import data we keep on our computers, to invest in an external hard drive. You can back up all of your data to the external hard drive and then keep it in […]

Preventative Maintenance for PC’s

“Take good care of your PC, and it will take good care of you.” It’s a nice sentiment, but reality is more like “Take good care of your PC, and it won’t crash, lose your data, and cost you your job–probably.” Follow these steps to stop PC problems before they stop you. Your PC’s two […]