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Kindle Fire

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Amazon dropped a big bomb on the technology industry Wednesday morning.

While numerous companies from HP to Motorola to Samsung have tried to compete with Apple’s iPad with little to no success there may finally be a competitor. While there are numerous differences that set the Fire apart from the other Tablets on the market the Fire looks to excel in two areas, content and price. For only $199 the Fire looks to be one of the most user friendly and its price point gives it the advantage of hitting a wider market for user’s curious to try out new technology without breaking the bank.

But make no mistake, this is not just a cheaper, dumbed down iPad. This new tablet will take advantage of the growingly popular Android OS, giving wider availability to programmers to create more content for the device without causing Amazon the price to develop a new operating system. The Fire will also take advantage of Amazon’s Prime account, giving access to millions of songs and movies available for purchase. Another of the key differences is size, the Fire is only a 7-inch tablet.

It will be interesting to see if this is an advantage to the device, or hinder it, if the public finds it too small of a device. Another interesting twist is the device’s focus on Cloud technology. The user’s Amazon purchased content will all be backed up on their system’s cloud service, giving the ability to access the content from multiple sources. Also it is using a new browser, Silk. Silk will be one of the first browser’s to use the Cloud tech as the primary function of the browser.

Any websearching done will actually be handled on their systems, relaying the actual contect back to the device, handling the cache and other components, so the system is less taxed and quicker responses with mobile devices. The newer versions of Safari already have this option, though not on by default, Silk will benefit by Amazon’s high bandwidth power. The new Kindle Fire will already be shipping for purchase on November 15th.

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