Pushing the Limits of the Wireless Spectrum

OnLive’s CEO Steve Pearlman held a presentation earlier this week at Columbia Engineering School debuting innovative new wireless technology.  Currently wireless technology is limited by Shannon’s Law.  This law dictates a maximum number of error free information transferred over wireless signals versus the bandwidth and signal-to-noise ratio available.  In other words, only a certain amount […]

Hard Disk Bad Sector & Crash

If most of the portion of your Hard Drive remains empty for a long time, you may have to face a Bad Sector problem and ultimately the Hard Disk will crash. Your hard drive is magnetic media, and just like other forms of magnetic media, are susceptible to defects, and other environmental issues. Imagine writing […]

Computer VS Heat…

Heat will always win. You should try to blow out the inside of your computer or the fans on your laptop at least twice a year. The CPU inside your computer or laptop creates a lot of heat that has to be “pushed out” of the computer. If your heat sink or your fan is […]

YELP Reviews, reviewed…

Today Yelp released an article saying that 90% of the people who get on Yelp only read reviews that others have posted, only 1% actually post a review.  I would have to agree, I myself have gone on Yelp to read others reviews about stores/businesses I’m thinking of using but don’t usually go back after […]

Password Safety

                Here at Frankenstein Computers, we have a few tips we give our customers about passwords.   First, create a strong password (not a birthday or name).  Try to use letters, numbers, and symbols.  Next, write your passwords down and lock them up in a secure location.  After that, use these tips to keep it safe.  […]