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YELP Reviews, reviewed…

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Today Yelp released an article saying that 90% of the people who get on Yelp only read reviews that others have posted, only 1% actually post a review.  I would have to agree, I myself have gone on Yelp to read others reviews about stores/businesses I’m thinking of using but don’t usually go back after using a business and write a review for them. However, working for a small business I know just how important it is to have good customer feedback to hopefully gain new customers, especially in today’s world where most people are very social network friendly, I think it is an amazing tool to promote small business. I have made it a point to try and write a review for businesses, especially small ones where word of mouth is usually the most important thing, when I can and not just on Yelp, there are so many outlets people can use to say hey I used this company and you know they were wonderful or nah, not so much. As a small business ourselves here in North Austin, we understand the importance of not just good customer service but great and so when we get a new review it helps us know that hey, we are doing what we should be doing or maybe we can do this aspect a little differently next time.