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Pushing the Limits of the Wireless Spectrum

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innovative new wireless technology

OnLive’s CEO Steve Pearlman held a presentation earlier this week at Columbia Engineering School debuting innovative new wireless technology. 

Currently wireless technology is limited by Shannon’s Law.  This law dictates a maximum number of error free information transferred over wireless signals versus the bandwidth and signal-to-noise ratio available.  In other words, only a certain amount of connections can be made to a wireless signal before information starts being lost.  This leads to our common bad signal calls and dropped calls, specifically in high density areas with large gatherings of people.  (Cities, public venues, etc.) 

Pearlman, along with Rearden Compaines showed they are able to break that law.  With their new technology they claim to be able to  provide latency free signal (of only 2 milliseconds) with strong steady connections to devices up to 250 miles away.  Though only shows the technology but not getting into the details of how it works they claim to be able to maintain connections with less than 1 millisecond of delay within 2 miles.  This technology could easily be the tech to replace 3G, 4G, and even 802.11 W-Fi many of us use in their homes.  The tech still has a ways to go, with more research and funding needed, but the sky is the limit once you realize you can break a technological law.

Pushing the Limits of the Wireless Spectrum (Go to minute 55)

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