1. If most of the portion of your Hard Drive remains empty for a long time, you may have to face a Bad Sector problem and ultimately the Hard Disk will crash. Your hard drive is magnetic media, and just like other forms of magnetic media, are susceptible to defects, and other environmental issues. Imagine writing an “A” on a piece of paper. Erase the “A” and write a “B” and so on. Eventually the paper will rip. Hard drives are constantly writing ones and zeros to magnetic media much the same way you were writing on the paper. And like that paper, the magnetic media will “wear out” eventually. When it does this, it creates a “bad block.” These bad blocks become areas on the hard drive that it cannot record data. Too many bad blocks and the hard drive becomes unusable and the data in those bad areas is lost.

So, backup your data often, and make sure your backups are working correctly. Just ask Frankenstein Computers and Networking, we can help!