Apple Releases iOS update 8.4

Today marks the fourth update to Apple’s version 8 iPhone/iPad firmware.  With update 9 looming in the fall todays update concentrates primarily on their new Music service.  A bit behind the game in streaming music, Apple was originally not interested in premium subscription-based music streaming but here we are.  Currently setup with a free 3-month […]

Should you defrag a solid state drive?

Should you defrag a solid state drive? The short answer is NO. Files are stored on your solid state drives differently from how they are stored on a conventional hard drive. When a file is deleted, it leaves a space there. When another file comes along, that is bigger than that space, Windows stores part […]

MacKeeper and why you should avoid it.

MacKeeper and why you should avoid it. Lately I have been seeing quite a few Macs come into the shop with a little App called MacKeeper installed on it. Not surprisingly, Macs with this app also have various popup issues as well as a severe decrease in performance. The sad truth is, despite what the […]

We are National Reps!

We are National Reps! I just wanted to let everyone know that we have been partnered with a National Communication Firm for about a year now, which allows us to get awesome pricing on things like: •             Internet service •             Backup services •             Cable TV •             VoIP phones •             Business class phones I hope that […]

How strong is your password?

How strong is your password?

I’ve heard all kinds of methods for creating passwords.  Including but certainly not limited to adding symbols at the beginning or end or using numbers instead of vowels.  One method I’ve used for years was the combination of a color and an animal replacing vowels with numbers… and usually adding an exclamation to the end.  […]