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How strong is your password?

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methods for creating password

I have heard all kinds of methods for creating passwords.

Including but certainly not limited to adding symbols at the beginning or end or using numbers instead of vowels.  One method I have used for years was the combination of a color and an animal replacing vowels with numbers… and usually adding an exclamation to the end.  I thought this was pretty good until I saw this cartoon.

A common way to reveal or hack a password is to use a piece of software that runs through each and every variation of characters in a sequential manner until the password is broken.  If I were to use that type of software on the password “Gr@p3@p3” (Grape Ape), it would take the program roughly 2 days for the software to break it.

If instead I put together four common words that are easy for me to remember (like in the example shown in the image above) “correct horse battery staple”, it would take that same piece of software 550 years to crack it.

What four random words can you come up with?

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