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MacKeeper and why you should avoid it.

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MacKeeper and why you should avoid it. Lately I have been seeing quite a few Macs come into the shop with a little App called MacKeeper installed on it. Not surprisingly, Macs with this app also have various popup issues as well as a severe decrease in performance. The sad truth is, despite what the old “I’m a PC, and I’m a Mac” commercials would have you believe, Macs can and do get malware infections. Most of the time these infections are caused by an app that is installed because of an ad on a website or a fake review written for the app. Not only does MacKeeper hurt your system by itself, it can also open you up to more serious infections. If you already have MacKeeper on your Mac, or you are having random popups, bring your system in for a free consultation. We will let you know if it is a serious infection or a simple 5 minute fix.