Google … is all about Android

Google had their keynote this week and, as expected, it was all about Android. The first part of Google’s presentation was about their next build of Android 5.0, dubbed ‘L’, as presented by Google’s VP of Design, Matais Duarte. The important point, that they wanted to stress about their new build, is what they are […]

12 Safe Computing Practices

A friendly reminder to always keep these 12 safe computing practices in mind ….. 1. Use virus protection software on your computer. 2. Use the firewall from Windows or from your Anti-Virus program. 3. Configure your computer to automatically download and install updates from Microsoft. 4. Scan your computer regularly for spyware. 5. Run Microsoft […]

Backing Up Your Business

With so many threats to business data, from inside technical problems to outside environmental scares, there is no reason that every business should not have up-to-date, reliable back-ups. There are options to fit different needs and styles, and different levels of automation. Backups typically come in two forms; on-site and online. With on-site backups, there […]

Virus Removal Options

When your PC gets infected, there are a couple virus removal options to consider, to get rid of the virus(es.) The first way is to simply copy all of your data to an external hard drive, then wipe the hard drive clean and reinstall Windows. This will absolutely work for removing the viruses, but it […]