Computer Freeze and Lockups

A most frustrating and hair pulling experience is to have your computer freeze, or lockup, at closing time or in the middle of a QuickBooks backup. A computer freeze simply means that Windows encountered a process load situation it could not handle. This can be due to software or application error, driver corruption or error, […]

Fake Antivirus: What Are They And How Do You Avoid Them?

Cybercriminals are creative. They are always coming up with new ways to worm their way into your computer, putting your personal data and your money at risk. A current method of attack is fake antivirus. These products appear to be authentic, but you need to beware. When you have been on the internet, have you […]

Top 10 ways you can be hacked

Paying attention to how you use the internet, and putting some simple safeguards in place, can help prevent most of these top 10 ways you can be hacked. 10. Stolen Credentials Don’t use the same password for all of your online accounts. I know this is a pain, so how about using the name of […]