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Computer Freeze and Lockups

A most frustrating and hair pulling experience is to have your computer freeze, or lockup, at closing time or in the middle of a QuickBooks backup. A computer freeze simply means that Windows encountered a process load situation it could not handle. This can be due to software or application error, driver corruption or error, registry error, or overheating and other hardware related problems.

There is an easy way to determine if your PC is frozen or just plain slow. You can tell if your computer is frozen by pressing the Caps Lock button on the keyboard, and watching the Caps Lock LED to see if it turns off and on. If you are able to see the LED turn on and off, then your computer is still awake, or not frozen. Press the Ctrl button, the Alt button and the Delete buttons, all at the same time, on your keyboard. Wait a few minutes, and then select the Start Task Manager from the pop-up list.

The Task Manager has multiple tabs; Applications, Processes, Performance, Networking, and Users. These each allow you to view, start, and stop programs that may have stopped working on your computer. You can also view how hard your computer is working, and what processes are running and using the most memory on your PC.

If your keyboard does not respond when you press the Caps Lock button, then it is frozen, or locked up. Computer freeze and lockups usually happen without any warnings, error codes or event viewer logs. If your computer is experiencing this problem on a recurring basis, having the Task Manager open and running on your desktop, with the processes tab open, may allow one to see what process initiated the system freeze.

Whether you determine that your system is locked up or just running very slowly, we can improve your system’s performance and take the FEAR out of computing. Here at Frankenstein Computers, we can help with any application, software or hardware issues. Give us a call at (512) 419-9777; let our experts dissect your computer, and discover for yourself why we call ourselves Frankenstein Computers!