Facebook E-Mail

Did you know you have a Facebook e-mail address?  Well if you’re like most people, you have a Facebook account, and that account came with a free @facebook.com e-mail address.  Normally this would be no big deal, just another free e-mail address you can mentally discard.  Problem is, Facebook has changed another feature today and […]

Help with Facebook

It seems that many people are having problems with the Facebook app on their smartphones.  In most cases, simply downloading and installing the most recent app from the App Store will correct any problem that exists.  However in some cases, installing the newest version does not fix the problem.  We here at Frankenstein Computers use […]

Draw Something and Facebook

There are over 50 million people using the app Draw Something for smart phones and tablets.  But for those who connected Facebook with the app, there is a security risk.  The app stores a Facebook access token in plain text.  What that means in English is, if a hacker got hold of this file, it […]

Virus Removal Austin

I hate to brag but we are really good at crushing viruses at Frankenstein Computers. We have a process that uses 5 different removal tools in  succession and have a 90% success rate for disinfecting systems. We have a flat rate of $105 to clean any system even though the process takes about 24 hours […]

Apple’s iOS 6 to Debut This Fall

Apple unveiled iOS 6 yesterday at the World Wide Developers.  Due out this Fall, Apple is promising to bring “over 200 new features,” with the new update.  Some small changes such as slight improvements on current features, and some drastic changes, such as the replacement of Google maps.  One of the larger features will be […]

Malware: Flame and Citadel

Over the past week two new major malware instances have been discovered.  The big one in the news recently is Flame.  What makes Flame special is the malware used a new type of infiltration with the help of its ability to abuse Microsft’s digital certificates.  The scariest part about Flame however is the fact that […]