Security Firm Finds Massive Vulnerabilities in HP Printers

Researchers in the computer science unit of Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science have found a flaw in the way older HP models update themselves yesterday, leaving potential networks open to attack. Most printers contain software inside the printer called firmware, which control the functions of the device. Often times hardware manufacturers will […]

Professional IT Companies

IT companies have a reputation of being difficult to work with. At least that is the impression that I get from friends when they tell me about their companies IT companies. I heard a story the other day from a friend who had a computer that wasn’t working properly, she said she had called the […]


There is new type of malware/virus out there these days called scareware. This software is designed to scare you into installing it so it can get your credit card information. Basically, the scareware pops up down by the clock and notifies you that you have been infected by many terrible viruses. These types of infections […]

Trustworthy IT Company

One of the hardest things for someone to do is to trust someone else with passwords and access to files. Finding the right IT company can be a difficult thing to do. Here at Frankenstein Computers, we pride ourselves in having a strong work ethic based on solid morals. We have a great relationship with […]

Malware Removal

Today’s biggest concern online these days for the home user is no longer the common ‘virus’ but rather, malware. While a virus can be out to corrupt or take down a system, malware is there to gain unauthorized access to your system and/or trick you into providing your information. The most common are ‘phishing scams’ […]