Mouse & Keyboard Problem

Dust and food spills are the main factors in decreasing the life of a Mouse and Keyboard. So keep them cleaned all the times. And eating or drinking near the computer is a big problem. Crumbs have a tendency to fall between the keys on your keyboard and get stuck there, causing a key to […]

Updating Your PC

Keeping the software on your PC updated is no longer an optional part of owning a computer. Viruses, worms, junk mail, security breaches, hardware incompatibilities, and software conflicts are all now part of your computing life.  Updating your PC with the latest patches, fixes, and device drivers really can keep these annoyances at bay.  Updates […]

Windows 8 and the Future of Microsoft

Hot on the heels of Windows 7 Microsoft has been relatively mum about it’s new operating system until last June.  While release dates are obviously too far away to predict, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer did slip the software could be coming as soon as next year, though Microsoft swiftly said that he had misspoke.   Reported […]

Frankenstein Computers is the best

Frankenstein Computers is the best because taking care of our clients is our top priority. We do everything that we can to get customer’s systems back to them within 24 hours. We do everything that we can to keep the cost of repair down. We take the time to call and explain what is wrong […]

Computers and HEAT!

In Austin, Tx we are currently at our 50th day of over 100 degree heat, and there is a chance for rolling blackouts if the heat continues, which with no end in sight right now, I’m sure it will. With the level of heat it is very important to remember that any prolonged exposure to […]

CD/DVD Drive Problem

Very old and dusty CD or DVD drive entrance trays on the Drive can cause a conflict with the scanner and it results in a problem in your CD – DVD Drive. Think of the lens in your optical drive like the lens on your glasses or sunglasses. When they get dirty from dust, water, […]

H.R. 1981

Today the House Judiciary Committee has voted to recommend H.R. 1981. Should this make legislation and become a law Internet providers would be required to maintain a year’s worth of data that would contain what web sites you visit using their service and the type of content you provide online. By maintaining records of your […]