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H.R. 1981

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Today the House Judiciary Committee has voted to recommend H.R. 1981.
Should this make legislation and become a law Internet providers would be
required to maintain a year’s worth of data that would contain what web sites
you visit using their service and the type of content you provide online.

By maintaining records of your IP address law enforcement officials would be
able to contact service providers and obtain any information about your online
activity at any given time or date.  This would be for ALL customers, not
simply ones suspected of any crime or wrongdoing.  Currently mandatory
data retention framework’s most well-known cases are in European nations in
which the data is maintained from 6 months up to two years, though it faces
intense criticism.

Information on H.R 1981 can be found here:

If you are interested in telling your Representative that
you oppose this potential law the most common way is at the following link: