Operating System Crash by Scott

Most users will have to face this problem. This kind of problem occurred due to the sudden power disconnection, not using a UPS, using invalid operating system or so on. Your computer opens up many files when your computer starts up. These files remain open the whole time your computer is on and are constantly […]

Simple Ways to Make Getting Around in Windows 7 Easier by Ryan…

A Few Handy Keyboard Shortcuts – Windows Key + M : Minimizes all Windows Windows Key + Home : Restores and Minimizes all open Windows except the active one Windows Key + Left/Right Arrow : Docks the open Windows to the left or right side ALT + Up/Right/Left Arrow : Quickly alternate between your open […]

5 Ways to Backup your Data

by Jason Kohrs The data on your hard drive is the most critical item inside your computer, and the only item which cannot be replaced. It may be an unwanted hassle and expense to replace a defective memory module, monitor, or processor, but there is no replacing data once lost. In addition to the possibility […]

7 ways to make your laptop battery last longer.

By g-batteryshop.com While battery life is a chief cause of mobile moans, it’s possible to get significant improvements by simple good practice and a few software tweaks. To help you get the most from your laptop battery, here are seven easy ways to make it last longer. Dim your screen The screen is one of […]

Graphics Guys does good by Lauren…

I was given the task of finding a local company to put a car wrap on our company cars back window. After calling some of the local business and having some of the people on the end of the line sound like they could care less if they got our business or not, I found […]