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Operating System Crash by Scott

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Most users will have to face this problem.

This kind of problem occurred due to the sudden power disconnection, not using a UPS, using invalid operating system or so on. Your computer opens up many files when your computer starts up. These files remain open the whole time your computer is on and are constantly being written to and updated in memory. When there is a sudden loss of power, these updated files do not get saved back to your hard drive.

Therefore, any changes that were made after you last saved your work are gone. Another problem that may occur is file corruption. Your hard drive uses a magnetic field to write data to the hard drive. If the power is suddenly removed, it can write corrupt data to the hard drive causing one of the many operating system files to become corrupt. This can cause everything from your audio not working to error messages on the screen, or even causing your computer not to boot up at all!

Making sure that your system is properly shut down and your battery backup, or UPS, is properly functioning, is key to keeping your computer safe and happy! If you are worried about this happening to you, or have had it happen, give us a call at 512.419.9777 and we will be happy to help you!

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