The Trojan.FakeAlert.Gen…By Scott

We have seen this piece of malware quite a bit lately. This malware program will display a message on your computer screen telling you that your computer is infected with viruses or other malware programs and ask you to buy the security scan or anti-virus software to clean up your system. If you click the […]

Things to know about Verizon’s upcoming iPhone by Ryan

With the exciting announcement that Apple will be bringing the iPhone to Verizon Wireless this February there are a few “need to know” items customers should be aware of.  This is not AT&T’s iPhone Because Verizon’s cellular network is different than AT&T’s, Apple  has had to completely redesign the internal components.  This means you cannot […]

What’s the right Anti-Virus? By Mitch

It seems like everybody has an opinion about what the best anti-virus is.  I’ve tried to figure it out for myself.  As far as price is concerned, it seems like you get what you pay for.  And I mean that in a couple of different ways.  First, free anti-virus is free for a reason.  It’s […]

Which Antivirus program should I use?

We have been working on PCs for 12 years now and have always trusted in Norton’s Antivirus. I DO NOT like the Norton’s 360 or the Norton’s Internet Security, just the regular old antivirus. We have hundreds of PCs that are protected by Norton’s and I have to say that none of these systems ever get […]

How often should I defrag?

If you are on-line frequently you should regularly clean your PC with antivirus and with spyware/malware detection and removal tools. You should also use ‘disk cleanup’ at least monthly, to remove the debris and unnecessary files which accumulate on your PC, but that’s regardless of whether you’re on-line or not. If, after all that, you […]

Local Computer Repair…by Lauren

While doing research for our computer shop, Frankenstein Computers, it amazed me when looking at our competitors how many have their clients sign contracts. What if they don’t like the service? I’m sure they make their clients pay a hefty fine for breaking their contract too. I’ve also noticed that minimum charges they have listed. […]