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Things to know about Verizon’s upcoming iPhone by Ryan

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iphone 6 coming to verizon

With the exciting announcement that Apple will be bringing the iPhone to Verizon Wireless this February there are a few “need to know” items that customers should be aware of. 

  1. This is not AT&T’s iPhone

Because Verizon’s cellular network is different than AT&T’s, Apple  has had to completely redesign the internal components.  This means you cannot use your current iPhone with Verizon.

  1. Verizon’s iPhone has hotspot technology

This new iPhone will come with hotspot features built in to the phone.  This gives your phone the ability to broadcast a wireless signal that you can connect to with your laptop, iPod Touch, gaming devices and anything else that can connect to a wireless signal.  It is currently reported that you will be able to connect up to five devices at a time to the phone. 

Note: It is rumored that this feature will be coming to all other iPhones in an update this Spring.

  1. Verizon is currently keeping its unlimted Internet plans

While AT&T, this year, had decided to cancel their unlimited Internet plans in favor of tiered pricing Verizon has still decided to not make this change.  With AT&T now forcing customer’s to be aware of the amount of downloading they are doing on their phone, many are excited to have free reign over the amount of usage they have with such an Internet heavy device.

  1. No talking and browsing

Due to the different setup of their cellular network Verizon phones have never had the ability to talk on the phone while using the Internet at the same time.  Their iPhone will be no different in this regard to all other Verizon network phones.

  1. Newer iPhone this Summer?

Apple has typically released the next versions of their phones in June and it is expected to do no different this Summer.  While AT&T customer’s have been used to purchasing iPhones just to realize just months later they are now the owners of an older model Verizon customer’s may find it a bit of a surprise.  If you want to keep on the edge of technology don’t be surprised when June rolls around to find yourself wanting to buy a new iPhone again……or wait till June!

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