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Registry Cleaners by Mitch

Here at Frankenstein Computers, we often get asked about registry cleaners.  We strongly recommend that you do NOT use third-party cleaners on your system. Registry cleaners are software utilities that attempt to remove configuration data from the Windows Registry that is no longer in use or that is unwanted on the system. Such data may […]

Most common computer problems by Scott…

We all face computer problems from time to time, and we wonder “Why me?” Well, here is a list of computer problems that we most often face and I will mention some probable facts for the reason of having the problems. Operating System Crash: Most of the users have to face this problem. This kind […]

Enjoy Your Computers Media on your Xbox by Ryan…

If you own a Xbox 360 you can easily stream music, video, and even view pictures from your game console using your home PC over your network in a few simple steps! First your two devices must be networked together in some fashion.  This can either be done by having both of your devices plugged […]

Using Customer Service by Mitch…

Here at Frankenstein Computers, we have found that most, if not all of our clients do not speak “tech”.  We have found that they like to hear things in terms they can understand.  We use analogies and graphics to help.  Our customers seem to respond very well to these techniques.  It’s just another way we […]

Introducing Internet Explorer 9 by Ryan…

Computer user who have Windows Vista or Windows 7 now have the opportunity to upgrade their computer’s browser to the New Internet Explorer 9.  Released on March 14th, the new browser will either come along with your automatic Windows Updates or can be downloaded via their website*.    Here are some of the basic improvements made […]

Phone Scams by Lauren…

Today I got a call from someone claiming to be an AT&T representative and they wanted to let me know that the company AT&T uses for local calls had gone independent and that if I didn’t want to receive (2) bills then I needed to confirm a switch over to a different company. I asked […]

Remote Access to your PC

There are several different ways to access your PC remotely. I recommend using Windows Remote Desktop, GOTOMYPC, or LOGMEIN. Windows Remote Desktop… If you have a static IP at the location of the host computer you can just use Windows Remote Desktop. This will need to be configured in your router but will not cost […]