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Introducing Internet Explorer 9 by Ryan…

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internet explorer 9

Computer user who have Windows Vista or Windows 7 now have the opportunity to upgrade their computer’s browser to the New Internet Explorer 9. 

Released on March 14th, the new browser will either come along with your automatic Windows Updates or can be downloaded via their website*.  Here are some of the basic improvements made to the new Explorer:

  • Improved Malware detection:  With Google’s browser Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox already implementing different forms of malware prevention Microsoft has updated their protection from Explorer 8.
  • Download Manager: Explorer 9 now features a download manager that will give the ability to pause downloads and let you know if the download could be malicious.
  • Performance Advisor for Add-ons:  Add-ons to Internet Explorer are great ways to increase the abilities you have with the program, and with this new option you can now easily observe if an add-on is slowing down your speed, stop, or completely uninstall the add-on with this new tool.
  • New ‘Tab’ Options:  Easy access to your more frequented sites and better tab placement.
  • Pinned Sites:  A special tool for use with Windows 7, users can now ‘pin’ sites to your Windows 7 taskbar to make a site easy to access, much like a shortcut.

 Advanced Improvements: 

  • Faster JavaScript engine
  • DOM Improvements
  • Improved CSS & HTML5 Support 

*Internet Explorer 9 is not available for Windows XP or earlier versions of Windows.

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