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Most common computer problems by Scott…

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computer problems

We all face computer problems from time to time, and we wonder “Why me?” Well, here is a list of computer problems that we most often face and I will mention some probable facts for the reason of having the problems.

  1. Operating System Crash: Most of the users have to face this problem. This kind of problem occurred due to the sudden power disconnection, not using a UPS, using invalid operating system or so on.
  2. Hard Disk Bad Sector & Crash: If most of the portion of your Hard Drive remains empty for a long time, you may have to face a Bad Sector problem and ultimately the Hard Disk will crash.
  3. CD/DVD Drive Problem: Very old and dusty CD or DVD drive entrance trays on the Drive can cause a conflict with the scanner and it results a problem in your CD – DVD Drive.
  4. Monitor Problem: Turn off the monitor if you take a break during working on your computer. If you continuously keep your Monitor turned on it may retain a “ghost” image of what is on your screen the most. A high powered ray is reflected from your Computer and it gradually decreases the efficiency of the Monitor.
  5. Mouse & Keyboard Problem: Dust is main factor of decreasing the life of Mouse and Keyboard. So keep them cleaned all the time.
  6. Sound or Speaker Problem: Don’t place your Multimedia system just beside of your CPU or Monitor. A magnet inside of the Speaker can conflict with the CPU and Monitor and it may cause a problem associated with the speaker and simultaneously with Monitor and CPU. So be aware of this fact.
  7. Power Supply Problem: I said before to use a UPS to reduce the risk of your PC being damaged. A UPS can assist your Computer to serve properly for a long time without losing anything.
  8. UPS problem: You may find your UPS is not giving you as much back up as it had before. It is recommended to shut down your PC just after the electricity is gone. Don’t run your PC more time by using a UPS. Remember a UPS is for saving your Data without being lost.
  9. Dust Problem: Clean your Computer Table. It will ultimately reduce the total dust affecting on your whole computer system. As you can see from one of my previous blogs, they can get pretty dirty…

Stay tuned, I will be going In-Depth into each of these issues in the coming weeks.

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