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CI Security Partnership

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CI Security

Frankenstein is proud to announce that we have Partnered with CI Security and will be providing professional security services for businesses around the country.

These services are specifically geared towards preventing intrusions from hackers and security threats which are growing daily. With ransomware and hacking on the rise, it’s important to make sure your company is as protected as it can be!

The average amount of time a hacker is in a network before detection is 198 days* (*Ponemon Institute)

Evolved organizations know that protection is not 100% effective. To respond to security events, you need defense inside your perimeter. With Managed Detection and Response, security analysts are watching your cloud or on-premise network 24/7/365. They respond to threats overnight, on weekends, and anytime criminals get through your first line of defense.

Authentic MDR Real people hunt for threats, investigate events, and respond with incident action plans Authentic MDR starts with the acknowledgement that great detection and response comes from awesome analysts amplified by great technology. Our purpose-built technology with powerful data ingest means CI Security Analysts conduct deep investigations to remove false positives and catch events that SIEMs and MSSPs miss. You have critical systems that keep people alive and improve quality of life; we believe those people deserve to have authentic MDR watching out for them.

Critical Insight Technology Integration CI Security MDR integrates seamlessly into your existing architecture

The Critical Insight Managed Detection and Response platform receives logs from our on-premise collector, from the cloud, or hybrid environments. Our best-in-class technology then prioritizes alerts to send to the Critical Insight Expert Analysts for investigation in the security operations centers.

Critical Insight MDR

  • Advanced analytics and integrated threat intelligence.
  • Signature, reputation, heuristic, and anomaly detection techniques.
  • Seamless installation with existing technologies.
  • Network-based data capture; no endpoint agents required.
  • Logs and alerts from critical assets and other security systems, creating centralized context.
  • Event reconstruction and confirmation of compromise to eliminate false positives.

MDR On Premise

  • Packet Capture on Critical Insight Collector.
  • Network-based ingest, creating full visibility including IoT.
  • Syslog and NetFlow for additional context.

MDR for AWS – MDR for Azure – MDR for O365

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