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Still Using RDP? (Remote Desktop Protocol)

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Here in 2021 many companies are still using RDP to access computers remotely, especially during this period where COVID-19 has been running rampant. Because of this, many hackers and bots have had the opportunity to take advantage of vulnerabilities within this protocol to attack companies and hit them with ransomware or hack entire networks to steal data and other information.

Unfortunately, there are known vulnerabilities with RDP which are not fixable due to how RDP works and because of this, setting up direct access through RDP when at home also allows hackers and bots to see the same port and attack it using brute force methods. Not only does having RDP ports open in this manner violate PCI compliance (and is an instant fail when testing) but in time, hackers -will- get in.

You can protect yourself from this threat by using VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections which will not only encrypt the connection between you and the office, but also ensure that outside attackers can’t readily access the RDP ports directly. VPN setup is not complicated and using it is one extra step in the process but will save you and your business money, time, and greatly increase your security as well.

We at Frankenstein have set up VPN’s for many of our customers and have been doing this for quite some time now so we know the in’s and out’s and can assist with the transition to ensure that it’s a smooth change over. Please allow us to help protect your network and give us a call if you suspect you’re using RDP directly so we can evaluate and let you know how to secure your network from predators and hackers!

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