Recent Scams

Facebook Facebook is asking users not to fall for scams that are being inundated on users’ timelines.  Facebook will not ask anyone to pay a monthly subscription to protect their data.  There is no need to repost any legal message that appears on your timeline.  The most recent version of this scam reads like this… […]

Things you didn’t know you could do with Gmail Part II

  Continuing with the theme from last month, we will be looking at more tips and tricks for Gmail.   1. “Sorry, I never got that email.” Ever here this from your co-workers or friends regarding an important email? Google Chrome has extensions that will help you keep track of the email. I bet you’re […]

Things you didn’t know you could do with Gmail

If you’ve ever used Google I’m sure you’ve heard of Gmail.  Gmail has become one of the most popular webmail services out there. Even if the person you’re emailing doesn’t have the tell-tale “” address, chances are that they are still using Gmail to host their emails.  Did you know that you can do a […]

Windows 10

Window 10 I upgraded my Windows 8.1 desktop to Windows 10 two weeks ago. I did have to make some minor adjustments to drivers and had to uninstall an older program but I think I like it. One big thing to do is if you have the clamshell start menu for Windows 8 that needs […]