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Things you didn’t know you could do with Gmail Part II

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Continuing with the theme from last month, we will be looking at more tips and tricks for Gmail.

1. “Sorry, I never got that email.” Ever here this from your co workers or friends regarding an important email? Google Chrome has extensions that will help you keep track of the email. I bet you are thinking, “Can I not just send a read receipt request?” Well you can, but read receipts are completely optional and controlled by the reader. The Bananatag Email Tracking, Sidekick, and Intelliverse Email Tracker extensions immediately send a read receipt without prompting the reader for permission. Now the extensions do have a limit to the number of emails you can track, but they can help with the most important ones that you absolutely need an answer to.

2. Google calendar is an amazing tool, but having to keep it open in another tab and going between them can cause items to slip through the cracks. Gmail Labs offers a tool that places a small calendar and your calendar events next your inbox on the left panel. In the “Labs” tab under settings there is a nice little gadget called “Google Calendar Gadget” works almost identically to the calendar gadget from Windows Vista. This gadget will show your appointments and calendar events in a summarized list, and even allows you to add events through the gadget.

3. Add a preview panel, Gmail Labs also has this feature readily available with a simple click. Just search for “preview panel” in the Labs tab of your Gmail Settings and you can have your very own Preview of emails, simply choose the type of split you would like to have for the preview, Horizontal or Vertical.

A lot of the Gmail Labs offer a lot of the features that Outlook does without the cost. Labs also allow you to customize your Gmail and make it more user friendly or add features that fit your specific needs. I recommend looking through them and picking a few that catch your eye.

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