New Morto Worm Attacks RDP

Author Malware Survival Many of our readers are requesting info on a new Worm that is making news. The new worm is called Morto and it takes advantage of the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol. The worm will scan your Windows systems to see if you have RDP Enabled. The worm is controlled remotely via the  […]

How to recognize a PC support scam

Quoted from ESET Security Team: A while ago, I responded to a blog comment promising some thoughts on how to recognize a cold-calling PC support scam. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do that immediately, and then I was on vacation with no Internet connectivity (I should do that more often!). But then, since the problem […]

Google’s Project Glass

Google has been working on its latest project very quietly.  It is called “Project Glass”.  It essentially looks like a pair of glasses or a visor, but is actually your smart phone.  It features a “HUD” or Heads Up Display meaning it projects images into your field of vision so that your may keep your […]

IT Support Austin

I was at a client today that dropped us when they merged with another company and kept the other companies IT firm. The firm that they kept is one of those 24 hour monitoring or roughly $40 per computer per month contract basis companies. My contact at this company told me that they can’t believe […]

Half a Million Macs infected with Flashback Trojan

Russian anti-virus company Dr Web made an announcement yesterday that it has discovered a new botnet that specifically targets Macs.  This botnet has been around since 201,1 but a new variant, which takes advantage of a security hole in Java has it spreading like wild fire.  Originally reporting that the infection had spread to approximately […]


Scareware is described as scamming software that indicates you have problems with your machine (that you do not), that the program can “fix” if you purchase this software.  A healty amount of these ‘scareware’ programs are actually malicious, and can install malware on your system.  Others are simply there to making you think you can […]