Computer Virus Removal

Many people get surprised when they realize that their system is infected with viruses. Often times they aren’t sure on what to do once they realize they are infected. So, how can you know? Well the most common way to know that you are infected is when you get a pop up that says you’ve […]

Computer Repair in Austin

If you are looking for a place to get your computer repaired in Austin, Frankenstein Computer and Networking is the place to go! Coming from the Northeast where you could sneeze and hit a computer company, I wanted to find a computer company here in Austin that gave more personable service than those I left […]

Expert Virus Removal

There are many ways to disinfect and computer that has a virus. Some companies just wipe and reinstall your system which does remove the virus but it also removes all of your programs and all of your data. At Frankenstein Computers we have a (5) step process to remove viruses. Only about 10% of computers […]

Windows 8 is Not That Big a Deal

So far the latest predictions show that the new Operating System from Microsoft is not going to be that great for the average desktop user. The new OS is Microsoft’s first attempt at an operating system built for PCs and mobile devices. It will offer many of the same functions as Windows 7 as well […]