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Computer Virus Removal

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Many people get surprised when they realize that their system is infected with viruses.

Often times they aren’t sure on what to do once they realize they are infected. So, how can you know? Well the most common way to know that you are infected is when you get a pop up that says you’ve been infected with malware, please click here and we will remove it for you. That pop up is actually the virus and by clicking to “remove” you are actually opening the door wide open for more viruses to come in. So, how can I help it from happening?

The best way to keep from getting infected with viruses is anti-virus software, but keep in mind there are different levels of software and some work better than others. At Frankenstein, we recommend using Norton’s Anti-virus software. We administer hundreds of computers with our business clients and have Norton’s Anti-virus on all of them. Only very occasionally do any of our “protected” computers get a virus. Here at Frankenstein Computers in North Austin we get on average at least 5 systems infected with malware a day.

So if you think you have a virus or have questions about anti-virus software, give us a call and we will be glad to help. We charge a flat rate for virus removal of $90+tax and turn most virus removals around in 24 hours. Feel free to give us a call today, 512.419.9777!

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