The Importance of Windows Updates by Scott

                Lately I have seen quite a few computers come into our office that are infected with Malware and Viruses that could have been prevented if the correct precautions had been taken. Windows Updates repair security “holes” in the operating system that can allow malicious software into your computer. They can correct annoying error messages […]

24 Hour or Quick Turnaround…

I have to say that I am proud to be able to offer our happy customers a 24 hour turnaround in most cases. We do everything that we can to get your computer fixed and back to you as soon as possible. We hear horror stories from our clients about having to wait for days […]

What not to do on Facebook, by Mitch

                I see some crazy things on the internet since I’ve been working here at Frankenstein Computers.  One of the things that strikes me as odd is people “airing out their dirty laundry” on Facebook.  When people start a Facebook account, the first thing they do is invite close friends and even family to become […]

Do you “check-in”? By Lauren…

It’s amazing how far technology has grown over the last few years. Websites like Facebook and Yelp are just awesome, especially for businesses. The ability to “check-in” at places is great, that way places like Frankenstein can offer deals, like check-in offers where all you have to do is show that you “checked in” and […]