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XP upgrades to Windows 7…

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xp upgrades

What is it about these XP upgrades to Windows 7… ?

We have been doing a lot of Windows XP upgrades, lately. Unfortunately, you cannot just “upgrade” to the newer operating system. You have to pull the data and settings off of the XP install, wipe the drive, and then install a fresh copy of Windows 7 or 8. Then, you have to put the data and settings back on the new operating system. Plus, you have to purchase a copy of the new operating system, at a general cost of about $150.

For these reasons, it might not be worth it to upgrade your current system. Feel free to contact us, if you still have XP on your current system, and we will be truthful with you about whether it is worth it – or not. The total cost to do this is about $330, once you figure in the new operating system and the labor. It is very important that you do make a decision, either way, as XP is no longer supported, and it is only a matter of time until the hackers of the world figure out a way to mess up your day.

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