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World Backup Day!

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world backup day

Today, March 31st is World Backup Day!

When was the last time you backed your data up? In today’s world of ransomware and other data devouring viruses frequent backups are more important than ever.  It does not matter if it is businesses or personal, the files on our systems are important to us.  And with so many ways to back up your data, from local to online, there is simply no excuse not to.  The typical backup rule is a ‘2-3’ rule.  Your data should always be found in 3 locations and 2 of those 3 should either be online backups or local backups.

A common misconception I see with many uses is ‘well, I backup my files to my external drive once a week, should I not be fine?’  And the quick answer is no.  That backup drive of yours is not perfect and its not going to last forever either.  Backup hard drives are no different than the hard drive in your computer and subject to the same failures as any other piece of equipment.  What happens if your backup drive fails? Frankenstein computers is here to help. 

From assisting to helping you setup local backups to online options.  We have online backup plans that start as little as $10 a month for a computer and now with HIPAA guidelines requiring specific methods of backups we are now even partnered with HIPAA approved encrypted backups!  Ask yourself two questions, if your computer failed 100% right now, would you lose anything?  If your backup drive failed right now, would you lose anything? If the answer to either of those is ‘Yes’ then call Frankenstein Computers today!

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