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Working from Home Safely

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7 things you shouldn't do when safely working from home

7 Things Users Shouldn’t Do While Working From Home (or anywhere for that matter)

  1. Stay away from Facebook quizzes.
  2. Do not tell the world 10 things about you on social media, since some of those may be answers to your forgot my password challenge questions.
  3. Do not post things online that may give clues about your passwords (e.g., pet names). If your password is the name of your pet, you should probably change that anyway.
  4. Do not post photos of your home workstation.
  5. Do not click on questionable links, especially those prompted by urgency or fear.
  6. Be aware of your social media settings and which posts are or may become publicly accessible by anyone.
  7. Be aware of new friend requests from people you are already friends with but actually came from someone else that just copied their profile info.


Trickbot is malware that, if installed, will steal your bank and payment passwords as you use them. So far Trickbot comes in through links in emails offering COVID-19 testing and warnings and links in text messages informing the user that their phone is being monitored as being near the phone of someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and to click the link for next steps.

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