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Windows Updates Causing VPN Connection Issues

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vpn connection issues

There has been a very large spike in VPN connection issues lately due to Microsoft Windows updates.

Like many others, if you have fallen victim to the error “L2TP and IPSEC IKE Security Failure” issues when trying to connect to your VPN luckily Microsoft has release patches for this problem that have been verified to correct the issue.

If you have noticed that this problem started on Tuesday of last week that is due to Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday” which is when they release updates that are technically supposed to fix problems but that was not the case this week. One of the patches actually caused this current issue everyone is running into with their VPN connections.

Believe it or not however, Microsoft jumped on this rather quickly and the fix for the issue is rather simple. In order to rectify the issue, the process is simply making sure you have all of the correct Windows updates installed on your system and make sure you are rebooting your workstation once each update is ready to finish the process.

The first step is to go into your system settings by right clicking on your start menu and selecting settings from that location. Then at the bottom of that menu you should see update and security. Once that window opens you will see at the top if you have any pending Windows updates and if you do not see any you will need to select the check up updates button and make sure there are no further that need to be installed.

Next, you will need to select the option right below that location that says view optional updates and check for any that are NOT driver updates and install those items, they normally start with a KB and then a series of numbers. Once these are all installed, and you have rebooted your system you should now be able to connect to your VPN once again without issue.

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