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Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

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Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

(Upgrading to Windows 10 has already been proven to cause issues in some systems. Backup your system before upgrading and proceed with caution!)

Microsoft just released Windows 10 and has made it free to upgrade Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. For those who have already reserved Windows 10, it should start to download to your computer and then prompt you for installation. For those who want an alternate install method, you can download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and start the upgrade immediately. Once it has downloaded, double click on it to execute the program.


At the launch screen, you can choose to either upgrade to Windows 10 or create a bootable ISO or USB flash drive to upgrade another PC. Upgrading is a much easier process as it will automatically detect your product key and install Windows 10 over your existing Windows installation. For those who wish to perform a clean install, you will need to find your product key first.


If you wish to create installation media, the tool will allow you to select your language, desired edition of Windows 10, and the Architecture (32bit or 64bit).
windows 10 media creation tool

On this screen, you can select to either create an ISO file (DVD Image) or write the Windows 10 installation to a flash drive. The flash drive method is recommended as it will greatly reduce the time required for installation.

Once you have your installation media, you’re ready to install Windows 10.

If you have any issues performing the upgrade, or if you would like to have the professionals do it for you, just bring your system in to Frankenstein Computers for a free Windows 10 consultation.

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