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Windows 10

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Window 10

I upgraded my Windows 8.1 desktop to Windows 10 two weeks ago. I did have to make some minor adjustments to drivers and had to uninstall an older program but I think I like it. One big thing to do is if you have the clamshell start menu for Windows 8 that needs to be uninstalled before upgrading to 10. Startups and shutdowns are faster which I like. Navigation seems to be a cross between Windows 7 and 8 and it works for me. All in all, I like the changes so far and recommend upgrading as long as your current system is less than two years old UNLESS you use online/web based software. We have medical and broker clients that use web based software which does not work with Windows 10. If you would like help upgrading to Windows 10 we are happy to help at Frankenstein Computers. We are your IT Support Specialists!