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Windows 10 1903 Feature Update Imminent

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The newest version of Windows 10, 1903, is on its way this month. The May update will add some highly requested features that have been in previous versions of Windows. One feature going all the way back to Windows 98 era. These new features aim to allow the user to customize their individual Windows user experience to make their workflow more streamlined. For a full list of features, please follow the link below to the PureInfoTech website.


One of the biggest features that is coming with the new update is the options for doing away with passwords with multiple biometric and physical unlock options. Namely the “Hello Face” and “Security Key” log in options. While you will still need to set up a password when first setting up your user account, once you are past that section you can then enable these more secure biometric options. The Hello Face option allows you to use facial recognition to unlock the system, while the security key requires a physical device to be connected to the system before it will unlock the device and allow certain applications to open. These security options have been certified as FIDO2 authenticators, putting Windows users closer to a password free environment. More can be found in the Microsoft Techcommunity Forums below.

This Month

The 1903 update should be hitting systems sometime this month, with widespread adoption expected in June or July. Obviously with most Windows 10 feature updates, some random bugs are to be expected. If this occurs for you, please give Frankenstein Computers a call and we would be happy to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

PureInfoTech full Windows 10 1903 feature list

Microsoft Tech Community post regarding the FIDO2 certification

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