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Will Augmented Reality Soon Be A Reality?

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augmented reality

Imagine walking down Main Street USA and looking up at the storefront signs and seeing ratings and menus and lists of current movie showtimes popping out of the store marquees…
…or having the traffic and navigation instructions and weather information overlaid onto the real world…
…or having a foot path appear before you when you are looking for that tiny, very specific piece of hardware at your home goods store…

Augmented reality has been present for a very long time in the world of gaming.

Personal stats and map location and other important bits of data available in a HUD (heads up display) that is easy to see but also easy to ignore if you’re not looking for it.  This tech has been present in games and movies alike for a very long time. So when is it going to be available main stream? Google is making a push into virtual reality with a headset that does not require a user to connect to a phone or computer.

Though Google Glass was a flop in the consumer market and discontinued early 2015, it is still used in some markets, specifically healthcare. I hope that Google’s new edition of augmented reality head gear does far better than Glass and I can’t wait until the same tech is applied to car windshields and other transparent surfaces!

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