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Why Ransomware Will Target the Cloud This Year

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Ransomware has been a mainstay of hackers’ malware arsenals over the last several years, but these attacks have actually changed quite significantly in terms of their complexity, targeting and victim selection. Like any big business, ransomware has evolved to follow the money. WatchGuard CTO Corey Nachreiner believes than ransomware’s next shift will be to target cloud assets, and he wrote a guest post in Dark Reading explaining why.

Corey argues that ransomware will target the cloud in 2020 for three main reasons:

  • It’s a new market opportunity
  • Data and services stored in the cloud have become important enough to business operations that disrupting them could significantly cripple most organizations
  • The cloud is an aggregation point where one attack can affect multiple victims

With the threat of more rounds of ransomware, it is very important to have solid backups in multiple locations, both onsite and offsite, that offer versioning.  Versioning allows you to retrieve a copy of the backup from a time before the ransomware attacked.  This is especially important when the ransomware encrypts your data and that encrypted data is backed up, replacing your unmolested data.

Please contact us here at Frankenstein so that we may help you get the proper backups in place.

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