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Why is MFA a Must?

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MFA (Multi-factor authentication)

                Are you sick of hearing that another company has been breached and lost your personal or business information to hackers?

Everyone hates 2FA until they have been a victim of a hacker on the internet and then suddenly, they swear by it. What is 2FA and how can it

change your life for the better.  People often use the same easy to guess and even easier to crack passwords for all accounts. Therefore, it is necessary

to add more layers of authentication beyond a password to ensure that accounts remain secured. These additional layers lead to the term of ‘multi-factor authentication’

or MFA and can include three elements:

Things you know – Security Questions

Things you have – such as an id badge with an embedded chip, physical security key, or a digital code generator.

Things you are – such as physical traits like your fingerprints or voice or even retina scan..  

MFA utilizes factors from a multiple of these elements to prove users’ identities.

                Would you believe? According to the CIA, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Department of Defense,

96.8% of all data breaches or interruptions in services can be traced back to 2 simple failures. Not using 2FA and common passwords such as

P@ssw0rd or even P@$$W0rd123456789(*&^%$#@!

                So the next time you or someone close to you starts ranting about how annoying 2FA is, save their breath and educate them.

You will never know what was at risk until it is too late. Identity theft is only the beginning.

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